This documentation is about KTutorial development. If you are a developer, but are looking for documentation about using KTutorial in your application, take a look in developers section in the documentation page.

Instead, if you are curious about how KTutorial is designed, take a look in KTutorial design. Although it is painfully outdated, most is still valid. However, several components are missing from the explanation.

The UML diagrams (mostly class diagrams), on the other hand, are up to date: editor and library. Both files can be opened using Umbrello UML Modeller.

For further information about the development of KTutorial you can visit KTutorial blog. It contains mainly technical details about the problems encountered and the decisions made while developing KTutorial, so you may find useful information there for your own project.

Right now, KTutorial is in a prototype state, but it is able to execute tutorials: it works!

As well as the library itself, KTutorial provides a graphical editor for tutorials, not surprisingly named Ktutorial editor.

There is also a little test application, KTutorial test app, which shows several features of KTutorial in a "real" environment.

Here it is the current features list:

Here you can see what (major) features I expect to include in the future.

Last updated: 2012-08-21