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KTutorial provides a tutorial named Using tutorials which purpose is, well, show how to use tutorials ;)

But, how you can start a tutorial? If you have an application that uses KTutorial, just go to Help->Tutorials... and a dialog with all the available tutorials will appear. Select one, click on Start button and now just follow it!

If your application doesn't have a Help->Tutorials... menu item, sorry, it doesn't use KTutorial ;)

Note, however, that right now only KTutorial editor and KTutorial test application use KTutorial :P

If you want to learn how to enable KTutorial in your own KDE 4 application and write tutorials for it, take a look to Using KTutorial in an application.

The API documentation generated by Doxygen can be seen in KTutorial API Documentation.

You may also be interested in development information about KTutorial.

Refer to development section of the web.

Last updated: 2010-10-30