When will a working version be released?

Version 0.4, released 2010-10-30, can be considered a working version. However, it still lacks several features, so it is a working version, but not a fully working version. I have no idea when, if ever, the fully working version will be ready.

Meanwhile, some prototypes will be released which will gain functionality over releases. I hope I'll be able to follow the Release early, release often model. I can't promise it, however ;)

Why did you choose GPL license being a library?

Why not? Oh, wait, do you mean why I didn't choose the LGPL instead? Well, because I prefer its "even if you're only linking against GPL code without modifying it the code where it's being used must be GPL" viral property. Anyway, if you need a special license for KTutorial, contact me. Maybe you can convince me ;)

Are these really frequently asked questions?

No, these aren't frequently asked questions. In fact, they weren't even asked :P

Last updated: 2010-10-30